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Storti Motorbrush

Motobrush is a self-propelled machine with hydrostatic traction: the machine remixes the TMR and cleans stable feeding lanes.

Motobrush used to keep the food near the cow; while brushing, it mixes the food allowing to have a uniform humidity level. The brushes perfectly clean the feeding lane. When the farmer uses the Motobrush, its use push the cow to eat new food increasing its productivity.

The machine is equipped with hydrostatic transmission for the 5 reels (equipped with brushes) command, the machine drive-traction is hydrostatic with pedal command (in order to allow the best working speed choice), steering is fast and precise thanks to “Load Sensing” hydro-drive.

The motobrush is equipped with a single cylinder Yanmar 7.36 kW (9.87 CV) diesel engine, electric starter (self-winding starter for emergencies) and balancing counter shaft in order to reduce vibrations

The motobrush can be equipped on request with a lateral rotating brush hydraulically driven necessary to clean the feeding lane from the not consumed food.

Engine Wheels


Front 16×6.50-8
9,87 HP / 7,36 kW  Rear (traction wheels) 20×10.00-8
1 cylinders  

Storti Motorbrush

Storti Motorbrush

Storti Motorbrush