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Dunker T2 vertikalblander/fuldfodervogn

STORTI, following many tests in the field and its renowned technical experience, is distinguished from other manufacturers by its ingenious and exclusive use of space and circulatory movements, in rising and fall, of the products inside the tank and the simultaneous cutting-mixing efficiency and speed of all the components.

The result is that, consistent with its declared volume, DUNKER TW, compared to others, may load and optimally mix a greater amount of material.

The two special vertical augers make these machine particularly suitable to breeding farms of large dimensions.

Capacity Mixing Discharge
14 m³ N. 2 vertical cutting mixing augers with two speed gearbox Double front discharge by means of PVC conveyor belt
16 m³   Direct discharge door on the right side (PL version
18 m³    
21 m³    
25 m³    


Storti vertrikalblander/fuldfodervogn fra Bulldog agri. Fodervogn/fuldfodervogn med stor kapacitet.

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