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T-4GW Series Inline Finger Wheel Rakes

T-4GW Series Inline Finger Wheel Rakes

This series of in-line pull type rakes with special ribbed ground wheels has a heavy duty design to work in the most difficult conditions such as uneven, stony and inclined terrain.

For this reason all versions are equipped with a flexible frame which adapts to ditches or other very uneven ground conditions.

The version with 11 finger wheels can be extended at any time
by an additional frame consisting of 2 finger wheels in order to obtain a total of 13 finger wheels.

The independently spring loaded finger wheels perfectly follow the contour of all terrains.

Especially delicate forage like alfalfa is pushed gently into a loose and fluffy windrow without destroying any leaves so that its high nutritional value is maintained.

This machine is particularly suitable for gathering straw thanks to the ease of raking more than one windrow simultaneously.

T-4GW Series Inline Finger Wheel Rakes

Model Rakin wheel Working width Tractor
  Feet Cm Kw Hp
T11 4GW 11 24’4” 730 22.4 30
T13 4GW 13 28’4” 850 22.4 30