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Dominator Series – Finger Wheel Rakes

Dominator Series – Finger Wheel Rakes

This new revolutionary concept V Rake is an extremely robust and flexible Pull Type Rake suitable for all kinds of forage. Its heavy, stable and flexible structure makes it suitable for working all types of terrains.

Windrow width is set by simply adjusting the last two finger wheels using their regulating screw crank.
It is also possible to “off set” the windrow by 20” to the left or right as required.

The independently spring loaded finger wheels also follow perfectly the contour of difficult terrain.

Especially delicate forage like alfalfa is pushed gently into a loose and fluffy windrow without destroying any leaves so that its high nutritional value is maintained.

The Dominator is the ideal, high-flexibility machine for medium-to-large sized farms and all kinds of forage.

Available as an optional: Center Wheel Kit,Supplementary Front Wheel Kit, Wind Shield Kit.

Dominator Series – Finger Wheel Rakes

Model Rakin wheel Working width  Windrow width  Tractor 
  Feet Cm Feet Cm Kw Hp
V10 4GW 10 21’8″ 650 3′-6′ 90-180 22,4 30
V12 4GW 12 25′ 750 3′-6′ 90-180 22,4 30
V14 4GW 14 28’4″ 850 3′-6′ 90-180 22,4 30