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Murska W-Max 20

W-Max will reach nearly 100 000 kg / hr performance at low energy need. A new technique to achieve a perfect crimping result. W-roller is suitable for all feed grains (both dry and harvesting-moist): oats, barley, wheat, corn, pea, broad bean and grain mixture.


The optional control system facilitates the use of the mill. The mill has an automatic feed control, and moisture content of grain-based additive dosing. When the work stops, the system sends a report on mobile phone. The report shows for example time spent, amount of additive and the total amount of crimped cereal. If interference occurs, the mill sends an alarm to your mobile phone and stops the supply of grain.

Murska W-Max is very comfortable to use. Handling and service points are easily accessible. Advanced control system frees the user from thinking about the acid dosage or crimped tons of grain.

Teknisk data

Kapacitet 25-60 t/h
Transmission 1000 o/min
Vægt 2900 kg
Tank indhold 6500 l