Icut4 fjernkontrols-klipper

ferri iCut4Icut4 is the remote control slope mower providing top performance in the most challenging ground conditions.

The latest born at Ferri's factory is an amazingly reliable and robust remote control slope mower which ensures optimal grip and traction thanks to its cutting edge design and attention to details.ICUT4 proves to be a real slope mower that allows to work in perfect safety, with maximum confort.



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  • 4-cylinder engine
  • More power to tackle deep slopes and difficult terrains.
  • Intuitive control-box with display
  • visualizing operations step by step.
  • Bigger fuel tank
  • for greater autonomy and economy.

icut4 1Massive working range - up to 150 m - of the easy-to-learn remote control console, which allows to safely work away from dangerous and difficult to reach areas.
Thanks to the roll bar fitted as standard, iCUT4 allows you to work on slopes up to 55 degrees in each direction; its low center of gravity prevents hazards of overturning of the machine.



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ICUT4 FLEX Narrow Track
ICUT4 FLEX Unloding
Icut4 Esterna 7ok
Icut4 Sottocarroregistrabile 5
Icut4 Sottocarroregistrabile 6
Icut4 Sottocarroregistrabile 7
ICUT4 Cutting Wood
ICUT4 Steep Gradient
Icut4 Sistema Idraulico 1
Icut4 Sistema Idraulico 1
Icut4 Sistema Idraulico 4
Icut4 Sistema Idraulico 4
ICUT4 Cutting Wood
ICUT4 Wood
Icut4 Motore 1
Icut4 Motore 2
Icut4 Motore 3
Icut4 Motore 4
Icut4 Motore 5
Icut4 Motore 6
Icut4 Motore 7
Discarica 1
Discarica 2
ICUT4 FLEX Narrow Track
ICUT4 FLEX Unloding
ICUT4 Airport
ICUT4 Along Roads
ICUT4 Bushes
ICUT4 Bushes
Icut4 Esterna 10ok
Icut4 Esterna 12ok
Icut4 Esterna 14ok
Icut4 Trinciatrice R1000 1
Icut4 Trinciatrice R1300 1
Icut4 Trinciatrice R1300 2